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ghaberek said...
katsmeow said...

You can do better than that! This is valid code (just not in Euphoria or Phix) :

teststringexec { 
  set -u0 %test echo -s hello! 
I used it 20 years ago, and i still do, and i still want it, and other features, in OE

Curious. What is this code supposed to do? What language is this? What do you used it for? (testing, it seems)


It's just a minimal snippet to show string execution. Here's one that tests a variable ($3) for safety to execute before calling the code to execute:

      ; then do the command: 
      .timer 1 %eu.antiflood $3-  
This would be code candy in Eu, but everyone who wants to do this must write that code:
set %Eu. [ $+ [ # ] $+ . $+ [ %net ] ] yes 
-- Or do 
set %Eusock.need. [ $+ [ $2 ] $+ . $+ [ $3 ] ] yes 
It's important because i can set or unset all variables (wild)named %Eu.* , and list all the variable names. I can list all the %Eu.* variables associated with a specific #. The program builds unique but grouped variable names which i do not need to know when i am writing the code, but are still useable during excecution. Is like a macro for a cell in a table of interlocked data.

I wish, in a way, i could give you more examples, but much like those who left Euphoria, i deleted megabytes of source code. I'd rather not say what the language is.


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