Original date:2018-04-03 10:13:23 Edited by: katsmeow Subject: Re: Important question?

kinz said...

Let's try again one of the 14 years old topics.

You can do better than that! This is valid code (just not in Euphoria or Phix) :

teststringexec { 
  set -u0 %test echo -s hello! 
I used it 20 years ago, and i still do, and i still want it, and other features, in OE. So for Jesse's #1 question, the future of Euphoria, it's the same as it was back then. Zero.

Getting a version of threading (task.e) might have been a big step except it could not be used in compiled programs. Just like nested sequences are syntax candy on dim'd arrays, OE has been candy on Eu v3.1. Rare special functions that could have made OE really stand out never happened. I still pay money for those functions in another language.

Kinz, it is better for yourself if you modify the OE source code and never tell anyone.


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