Original date:2018-03-20 16:51:56 Edited by: katsmeow Subject: Re: OpenEuphoria Website Survey 2018

Looking at

i found is a really scarey page about the switch statement.

i found is something about rewriting a Wumpus.

i found is what i expected to be on the wiki front page, not buried several lines down.

i found and are the same page? What was i expected to post when i was looking for something to read?

i found there's a link to WEE which i think isn't supported? a link to GTK with is nix-only (quit using windows if you want a gui in OE!), and a link to IUP, "an officially-supported GUI library" which doesn't exist?

i found with this line: Greg Haberek has a simple web page for his programming projects. (bad link?) Yes, it is a bad link! (Someone should alert ghaberek ?)

And then i quit looking.

If i was a noobie to programming, i'd surely visit after stumbling across the OE page on wikipedia, but i'd never return. The problem isn't the 10 year old codebase, it's about content, and being able to find the immediate relevant content. More communication to the target audience, less about "the data is on the website somewhere, just look".

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