Original date:2018-03-10 06:36:15 Edited by: ChrisB Subject: Temporary stopgap for uploading files (suggestion)


Use the gmail account - it will attach files up to 20Mb, it will never delete them, and in due course we can move them to their new home.

upload to, with a description, I'll get notification and move them to a folder on gmail.

Looks like we now have at least 3 backups of the archive. Some missing, and dead links. The size (that I have) is about a Gig, so not too onerous in terms of amount uploaded over the last 20 years, but as I said before there are some nuggets to be explored in there.

In a few months (indeterminate), I will be getting B4RN (broadband for the rural network), which will give me 1TB upload and download speeds. I may look at creating a raspPi web server host with a couple of hard drives for file access, I could even hook a Tonido server of this to host the files. - as I said no ETA for this yet, so it is still worth looking at alternative homes for the archive.



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