Original date:2018-02-28 09:24:36 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Need an other phix explanation please

begin said...

i thought i have to compiler the libraries my self. if so, then i have vs2017.

It is probably better to use the pre-compiled ones.

begin said...

i downloaded the new dll's and found that the plotting error is gone.

Excellent. (Sigh, yet another task before I can release a new version!)

begin said...

anyhow, to make things easier, it would be nice if you could introduce in phix a wstring datatype, peek_wstring and poke_wstring. just wishful thinking.

I have in fact just recently implemented peek_wstring() for someone else, though it has not yet hit the repository. And I've just added poke_wstring() to the internal version - next release will be a while yet, though.
You should already have allocate_wstring() as an alternative.

A wstring datatype as part of the core is however completely impractical. You can always write your own user defined type though.

Here's a copy of those new routines for use in the meantime:

-- (will be in/add to builtins\peekstr.e) 
global function peek_wstring(atom addr) 
atom ptr 
    ptr = addr 
    while peek2u(ptr) do 
        ptr += 2 
    end while 
    return peek2u({addr, (ptr-addr)/2}) 
end function 
-- (will be in/add to builtins\pokestr.e) 
global function poke_wstring(atom buffaddr, integer buffsize, sequence s) 
    if buffaddr<=0 or buffsize<=length(s)*2 then 
        return 0 
    end if 
    if not string(s) then 
        for i=1 to length(s) do 
            if not atom(s[i]) then return 0 end if 
        end for 
    end if 
    poke2(buffaddr, s) 
    buffaddr += length(s)*2 
    poke2(buffaddr, 0) 
    return buffaddr 
end function 

obviously, until the matching auto-include changes to psym.e are shipped you will have to include those files manually, but when it is shipped you won't need to undo anything.


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