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katsmeow said...


ChrisB said...

I mean slowly / stalled / starting / stalled / oo, another star trek discovery episode's arrived.

This should not be a problem now. All first season episodes have been shown. A 2nd season has been ordered, but it may not be ready till early 2019.

Maybe the new Alicia Vikander "Tomb Raider" movie? I keep hoping a modern re-do of "Colossus: The Forbin Project" will happen, this time also involving China and India. They could make a sequel to "The Shape of Water".


I have indeed watched al the episodes, but they were so good, and I'm such a Trekky, that I was counting down the days till Mondays. ANd looking forward to Tomb raider too.

Back to begin's puzzle - there is something different about your Phix/win32lib7 and mine, because mine works.

It's a pity the error doesn't give the exact line that the error happens on in l_safepeek, but one way of finding out is to put some test outputs at various points in l_safepeek - eg

puts(1, "got to line 230!\n")    --put this on line 230, and so on 

that can often help narrow down where the failure is. In fact my code is littered with these things commented out. Give it a go.



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