Original date:2018-02-15 23:27:07 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Using MS Visual Studio Code with Euphoria

ghaberek said...

You can add basic language support by writing a custom TextMate file.

Read more here:

Sweet! I'll see what I can do.

ghaberek said...

I personally do not like Visual Studio Code. I don't like things like Atom or other Electron-based applications.

Why? Do you like Sublime?

I started with Sublime. Then, I switched to Atom. It was so slow! Then I heard that VSC was fast, so I tried it.

VSC is the best code editor I've ever used. If I could replicate some of that functionality in, say, Notepad or Edita, I would use those. But I can't, so I don't.

VSC is just so nice and easy to work with. I wish we could customize it for use with Euphoria.

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