Original date:2018-02-07 16:22:10 Edited by: euphoric Subject: Re: why has Kat been permanently banned from this forum?

katsmeow said...

I must disagree, the acrimony has existed nearly 20 years now, led by jimcbrowne and euphoric.

I have only ever desired to defend this forum against your seemingly insane ramblings and complaints. I was always happy to see a productive collaboration between you and the community, but your paranoia prevented any such productivity, unfortunately. From what I've ever seen, you're a great and competent coder, but you don't take criticism well. You could have contributed greatly to this community, but there's something off kilter in you that makes you unable to participate at length in a mature and productive way.

katsmeow said...

Whoever apeto1 is, he's documenting a long-standing feud against me.

There is no, and never has been, a "feud against" you. It is your inability to behave maturely in a group that is the cause of your problems.

katsmeow said...

Euphoric's calmest tactic is more passive aggressive, prompting more replies from me so he as berate me for posts not about Euphoria, as he has done in this very thread.

You have to admit, it's hard to fathom why you would willingly abandon the forum, then question why you've been banned. Why would you care? You and apeto1 are just drumming up drama, again, which is detrimental to this forum.

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