Original date:2018-02-05 22:24:52 Edited by: euphoric Subject: Re: why has Kat been permanently banned from this forum?

katsmeow said...

I would like to know why i was banned too.

i wasn't banned

Uh. What? X)

katsmeow said...

Sending three emails to got me nothing, even mentioning _tom, jim, and euphoric in one of the emails.

I never saw those, kat, so I'm not sure what happened.

katsmeow said...

I guess they preferred not allowing me to rejoin, or someone deleted all my email before they were forwarded, or maybe all three of those admin, and all linked to "all_admin", simply didn't check their email the last four days.

Did someone recently reactivate your account?

katsmeow said...

Chances are, this post will be held in moderation and edited before it is posted to forum, because that is how things are.

I guess you were wrong. X)

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