Original date:2018-01-19 16:31:00 Edited by: Senator Subject: Shian Lee's Unicode/Utf8 editor, "edu.ex" Tricks and Tips

Version 2.0 of edu.ex for Euphoria 3.1.1 is available in Lee's lib2 library: Download: lib2

Very interesting Euphoria 3.1.1 library "upgrade" package with a nice installation program. Lee has added a number of neat enhancements to edu.ex check it out!

You probably would like to add the following code at the top of the edu.ex source code file just after the include statements:

-- patch to fix Linux screen positioning 
-- from euphoria 4.x ed.ex, by John Brown, I think 
-- requires misc.e for platform() 
include misc.e 
procedure get_real_text_starting_position() 
    sequence sss = "" 
    integer ccc 
    puts(1, 27&"[6n") 
    while 1 do 
	ccc = get_key() 
	if ccc = 'R' then 
	end if 
	if ccc != -1 then 
	    sss &= ccc 
	end if 
    end while 
    sss = sss[3..$] 
    sequence aa, bb 
    aa = value(sss[1..find(';', sss)-1]) 
    bb = value(sss[find(';', sss)+1..$]) 
    position(aa[2], bb[2]) 
end procedure 
if platform = LINUX then 
end if 
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