Original date:2018-01-15 13:05:54 Edited by: _tom Subject: (rant)(clickbait) Euphoria vs Intel Meltdown and Spectre

Hardware speed increases have been lagging and recently they took a step backwards. Everyone's computer just slower if you patch for security flaws. The damage is a few to maybe thirty percent slower. Hardware is not getting better.

Software gets slower with time. Each version of Windows needs a more powerful computer with more ram to overcome software bloat. Windows 10 has even achieved the goal of making some computers unusable. Software is not getting better.

Euphoria has became better and faster. Euphoria has always been faster than any popular interpreted language. A fast Euphoria program could even be improved after translation/compilation. A Phix interpreted program can be about as fast as a compiled program--outstanding! Phix is nice and fast.

The traditional answer to getting more performance was to get a new computer. At great cost, you can get buy a small improvement with hardware. At no cost, a Euphoria language--OE or Phix--will give you a major boost. And if you do get a faster computer the way to speed it up is with Euphoria.


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