Original date:2018-01-06 05:20:31 Edited by: Ekhnat0n Subject: WellRe: New wiki work - an Allegro game kit.

ChrisB said...


In what way ok, Chris?

In me not offering my soul to the devil? OR In a way of telling me my plan or vision is absolutely loonatickily ludacrous?

My motto on the Ubuntu-site I guess currently has to be

I think it is hilarious, it takes ONE lunatic like me, to see the madness of reality (or if you like it better) society.

MIND YOU, we have an almost full moon when witches, werewolves and the like, go wild, as they are in imaginary kind of lunatics (Luna=Moon).

Maybe I am a different kind of witch (which in fact I partially am.... a wizard) that goes towards the final curtain.

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