Original date:2018-01-06 03:03:57 Edited by: Ekhnat0n Subject: Re: SWITCH question

Well Pete, and all of you, WHO did I second? WHY did I second him the moment I saw that post? BECAUSE it would only take HIM 1 more step to get to the METHOD of SWITCH and he would so WITHIN HOURS after having ONE MORE deep thought! GUESS NOW, who KNEW all along? AND WHY! I CAME TO FIND THAT SOLUTION LONG TIME AGO, BUT SIMPLY FORGOT TO APPLY IT IN THIS AREA, UNTIL I realised being called delusional, and worse when I told you MY KNOWLEDGE, JUST as a view, because some of you might start thinking the right way, and because they are the most renowned on OE, I did want to rob THEM from their hilated feeling ONCE THEY SAW THE LIGHT.

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