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Looks like you have a hell of a project in mind, Chris.
Going renegade?
Well, if it will take 2 years b4 you have questions, that will give me ample time to pursue my own goals,
both in programming and appearing on youtube with a number of "looking outside the box" ideas.
AAMOF I do look (and step) outside that restraining format almost on a daily basis, and, you know,
whenever I step outside it feels different. one time you feel as if you are on the edge of a real breakthrough,
a kind of quantum-jump, you could say, but then an other time, when the step it takes looks easy
and not different from your last "escape from reality and current limitations", you find yourself being thrown back in there,
so fast you hardly could see the perspective, you saw before.

I suppose I tried to step out that time, either from a different location in the box,
or from a position near the edge of it, where, for whatever reason it actually is more difficult.
Maybe I am not in a box (3D)
but inside a square (2D) thus really having to add a totally new dimension, no-one I know has ever done yet.
Or maybe even I am on an endless line and have to step off that line adding dimension 2 to dimension 1).
BUT that should be equally difficult each time, I suppose.
Then why the hell isn't it?

I have the gut-feeling I am on the brink of knowing why, in a scientifically verifiable way. And IF I am correct,
this really is a rather new logical concept. It however will give me an edge on everybody that doesn't know,
because, if my experiments yield a positive result in 2 or 3 years blink,
I will know where to step out AND why exactly on that spot
That single spot will be the easiest one to try and create and formulate a genuine breakthrough
Each next try after that will be easier, until a new "dimensional barrier" will be there.
The thought of how I actually maight be able to find it came as a revelation, after some days of being immersed in logic and physics.

And it is exactly that thought I am going to explain on youtube ASAP,
allowing every body who was curious enough to click my upload,
to profit from this "different search-algorhythm, in her/his field & at her/his level, I hope.

"Imagine (as Lennon sings) there's no"..... but there th e lyrics will vere off.

Have I by any any freaky turn of fate stumbled on an essential breakthrough or haven't I? Only time will tell< i guess.
And because it hardly can be a dimensionless line (Ohh, sorry, a 1D line ofc) for the above mentioned reason,
it HAS to be al least a square, but why do we call it "outside the box", it hardly can be because we live in a
(far more than... according to Hawking) 3D-world, but by the mere fact of out body (material) we can't escape,
BUT maybe the MIND can. and find ways to help the body evolve to that capacity too.
Maybe we can achieve mastering a different frequency, as described in The Celestinial Promise

Enticing thought IMHO, but don't overheat your grey cells on it, I am doing it already

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