Original date:2017-12-12 08:27:24 Edited by: ChrisB Subject: New wiki work - an Allegro game kit.


After lots of playing around with loads of options, I've decided to commit to creating a game creation kit, bringing together various modules and wrappers from what is currently available from the Euphoria community, and add and hopefully enhance them so that it should be relatively easy to create some great games for Euphoria.

The modules I've chosen (and no doubt there will be some controversy here) are

  • Phix (Pete Lomax)
  • Allegro 4.2 (Ray Smith)
  • FMOD (Aku)
  • Freeimage (Greg Habarek)
  • Jostick (Mic)

I've decided to use 4.2, as the Allegro 5 demos are fairly sparse, and I believe (though not confirmed) that there are some name mangling issues. FMOD has been greatly enhanced, Freeimage has been slightly modified, and Joystick has been updated for multiaxis / multibutton devices. They have all been modfied to be Phix compliant.

As part of the jpeg experimentation, I've created a Freeimage wrapper to convert jpgs to bmps on the fly, which in turn has also allowed the creation of jpg2bmp.exe, a command line / batch convertor, or drag'n'drop. It has been compressed with petite, hence it's very small size.

I've started a wiki for it (which anyone is welcome to add to / modify / improve), which will hopefully be a one stop resource for simple game creation with Euphoria. I'm in the process of creating a game with it, stage by stage to illustrate game creation, have included some graphic demos from Stephen Shaws SDLBasic site ( ), and also a link to the complete kit with demos, help files, and a very comprehensive allegro add on toolkit.

The wiki page is at

Hope you enjoy it as much as I am creating it (still ongoing), as part of the original joy of programming for me was creating very simple games, and solving interesting problems, this kit almost takes me right back there.



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