Original date:2017-10-31 16:14:46 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: [Phix] ? operator; string behavior

You found a bug! (actually in puts not ?, btw)

In builtins/VM/pfileioN.e, line 5195:

--%rax  System call             %rdi                    %rsi                            %rdx                    %rcx                    %r8                     %r9 
--1     sys_write               unsigned int fd         const char *buf                 size_t count 
        mov rax,1               -- sys_write 
--      rdi already set         -- fd 
--31/10/17 (thanks to tom for finding this) 
--      mov rcx,rsp             -- buffer (==rdx btw) 
        mov rsi,rsp             -- buffer (==rdx btw) 
        mov rdx,1               -- count 

Despite having copied the api out for reference, I completely ignored it and set rcx instead of rsi, which just happens to always be pointing at the next character.

Obviously, after that 2-character edit, just run ".\p -c p" and it should be fixed.

Thanks, Pete

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