Original date:2017-09-16 11:32:16 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Problem using EuGTK - segmentation fault

rneu said...

I removed Gtk*.e files from /usr/share/euphoria/include (where I had copied them earlier) and placed the demos folder in home folder.

I also added my home path to /etc/euphoria/eu.cfg file. It had only one line:

as mentioned on

However, I am still getting segmentation fault.

Your eu.cfg files (one in your home folder, as well as one in your /demos folder) should both include the line:
Without that, Eu will display an error "cant find x in ..." with a list of include paths:

Obviously, you must run the program from a terminal to see this error message.

However, lack of that line in eu.cfg does not cause a segfault, that is a separate issue.

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