Original date:2017-07-20 05:38:42 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Phix 0.7.6 released

ChrisB said...

PCAN looks to be a good resource.


ChrisB said...

While you have automatically rejected the DOS programs for the purposes of running with Phix (fair enough), should still point out that there are many gems in there that could be picked apart and made to run under Phix with eg allegro or sdl etc.

Absolutely - everyone is free to edit and re-categorize entries as they see fit, eg replace [[!rejected]] with [[!broken]], or [[!DOS]] with [[!WIN]] or [[!GEN]].
There is actually a semi-hidden page,, that touches on those points, but it is not really much use since it is just a subset of

ChrisB said...

I see you have the IDE under the Phix section - is this a fully running under Phix version?

I believe so - at least it runs, although further testing is rather limited. I was under the impression you had posted something similar to The Archive, but I couldn't find it.
Some entries with ':' in the title may have slipped through the net, all too late now - they'll have to be fixed by hand.


PS I notice is down yet again - third time in as many days - I hope that won't mean all that work proved pointless... Re-categorizing important things out of [[!rds-hosted]] in a sane and individually-tested fashion was always intended to be a community effort, rather than the mindless transfer of 2GB of useless junk. Simply re-badging selected entries as [[!broken]], with an appropriate comment, would certainly help.

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