Original date:2017-07-15 06:45:30 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Any objections to taking a copy of The Archive?

I am thinking of starting PCAN (Phix Contributions And Assorted Nick-Nacks) and kick-starting it with all the text/links from the RDS site.

It would all be done using a "publicly-editable wiki" approach, and my first stab looks fairly reasonable (2160 entries, but I messed up somewhere and ended up with 6 or 700 extra duplicates).

Obviously I will mark everything wholly incompatible with Phix (such as DOS and wxEuphoria) as "rejected", and replace anything I've updated (eg Judith's IDE). And give credit to "The Archive".

Would there be any objections to such an enterprise?


PS I've just noticed that is down (but I've already blagged most of what I need for now, apart from any of the zip files).

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