Original date:2017-06-29 09:54:21 Edited by: rneu Subject: Not able to use EuGTK

I am working on Linux Debian-8. I downloaded EuGTK4.12.2.tar.gz and unzipped it creating a demos folder. I entered it and tried to run the example code files, but with most, I get following error:

abcde@debian-netinst:~/0-euphoria/demos$ eui test1.ex 
<0212>:: Internal Error at /home/abcde/0-euphoria/demos/GtkEngine.e:1 
    <0268>:: Scanner unhandled class 0 
Press Enter 
Fatal run-time error: 
<0213>:: Failed due to internal error. 

Where is the problem and how can this be solved. Thanks for your help.

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