Original date:2017-06-21 09:30:58 Edited by: _tom Subject: Download Euphoria Languages from Github

I created a Github for "EuphoriaLanguages." The Github site does not have code but just the binary download files.

Our downloads page now has links to Github as an alternative download location.

  • You can download OpenEuphoria, Phix, and Euphoria.

Rather than get fancy, the RDS Euphoria is called "Legacy Euphoria" with a note that Eu3 code is not fully compatible with Eu4 code (thanks Irv).

Phix is now an addition; it is noted that Phix is separate from OpenEuphoria but of interest to Euphoria users.

(Pete, I hope this is OK)

( Pete, there is a typo on the home page: Hybrid Inte[r]preter )


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