Original date:2017-06-19 14:25:34 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Have itch? Become a developer.

We should be really careful about this.

Recently, I have been programming a couple of Raspberry Pies. Euphoria and EuGTK work on them, but I wanted to try some already-written programs (written in Python).

Should be easy, right?

Nope - missing this , missing that, difficult to find any mention on the internet, incompatible with current Python when you do find it.

Somehow, Python doesn't seem so great after that experience.

I consider myself a beginner at Python, so isn't that the same experience other beginners would have.

We need to avoid that sort of thing happening. With Eu 3, Eu 3 programs work. With Eu 4, Eu 4 programs work. All the needed includes come with the respective install.

If Eu 4 has bugs, and no one fixes it, it's much better to publish a patch or warning about that bug than to fragment and fork a version which - as we all know, is unlikely to be maintained.

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