Original date:2017-05-19 16:58:48 Edited by: ne1uno Subject: Re: Wrapper Help

Icy_Viking said...
ne1uno said...
guessing change 
public procedure irrIrrlichtDeviceSetWindowCaption(atom strw) 
public procedure irrIrrlichtDeviceSetWindowCaption(object strw) 

OK I got it to work. The C wrapper has a lot of weird typos and whatnot. I had to do this.

public constant xirrIrrlichtDeviceSetWindowsCaption = define_c_proc(irr,"irrIrrlichtDeviceSetWindowsCaption",{C_POINTER}) 
public procedure irrIrrlichtDeviceSetWindowsCaption(sequence strw) 
 atom str = allocate_string(strw,1) 
end procedure 

there is an 's' after Window. However when running the program I get ?????dltFont in the title bar. Not sure if it is handling the string correctly.

this one?

is it c or c++? usually what you have to do with c++ is create a c shim that talks to the lib and you wrap the c shim from euphoria. you might be dealing with some unicode and codepage issues too. like wrapping isn't hard enough, there ought to be a law

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