Original date:2017-03-01 08:54:54 Edited by: bugmagnet Subject: Re: wee LNX WEE 0.48m

I just crashed WEE. I just now downloaded the source, via updater.ex, onto my linux laptop (running xenial.)

I built the app using euc. The version of euc I'm using is as follows:

{{ Euphoria to C Translator v4.1.0 development 64-bit Linux, Using System Memory Revision Date: 2015-02-02 14:18:53, Id: 5861:57179171dbed }}

I ran the app without specifying a file to load, and then hit the close button at the top right of the editor window. The following occurred:

{{ bugmagnet@bugmagnet-Satellite-L750 /P/WEE> ./wee

Fatal run-time error: bad file number (-92

Fatal run-time error: bad file number (-92 }}

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