Original date:2017-02-03 21:57:20 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: iup fails to load Linux so

Senator said...

I think IUP is dead in the water and references to that GUI should be deleted from the OpenEuphoria wiki pages.

That goes too far. Adding "Works fine on Ubuntu 10.4 (32 bit)", "Known not to work on Linux Mint 18.1 (64 bit)", etc would be reasonable.

Senator said...

New users will become will not be encouraged to use Euphoria after running around in circles with the IUP toolkits.

Agreed. I have previously made an ass of myself by claiming (and still think it is true) that EuGTK is NOT cross platform. (add "Nigh on impossible to get this to work on Windows" to the wiki?)

Senator said...

Meanwhile, most of the official OpenEuphoria development team is using, if not actively developing, OpenEuphoria 4.x, primarily under Linux. OpenEuphoria 4.x 64-bit has the advantage of Irv Mullin's mature, full featured, and dependable EuGTK GUI library which Pete Eberlein has used to develop his fantastic WEE Euphoria source code editor.

Actually, it is hybrid. Maybe that's a sign - perhaps we need something based on the technology behind that, half EuGTK, half Native Windows API? - Rather you than me, though.


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