Original date:2017-01-21 00:19:04 Edited by: ne1uno Subject: Re: Eu 4.1cf eu 4.05 - breaks down with SOME d

ChrisB said...


Looks like dll crash to me. It's the silence which I think is giving it away. Jim has suggested added a '+' to the dll call, will be giving this a go in due course.



windows dll routines never need '+', (with the possible exception of a few variable argument functions) only 3rd party built dll by default use or don't use cdecl

the problem with Arwen 2007 was with sizeof() being already defined in eu4.1, I'm not sure why it didn't always resolve to the Arwen defined function.

if you edit all the use of sizeof( to get_sizeof( the few demos I tried work in euphoria 41 ok.

they won't work in 64 bit without more extensive changes because of the hardwired assumption that pointers are 4 bytes. many of the archive libraries took liberties with C_TYPES since in 32 bit euphoria most types seemed to work interchangeably. you would also need to change poke4 of pointers to poke_pointer

if you define -D SAFE on the commandline, you can sometimes find there are allocation or out of bounds peeks and pokes even with programs that you get lucky and they still work.

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