Original date:2017-01-14 21:43:10 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Project Leviathan - wxEuphoria 3.1.0 alpha1

ghaberek said...

Can I use this with Euphoria 3.1.x or 4.0.x?

No. This is not supported. Please do not try to do this. Bad things will happen.

Ditto Phix sad

Just 3 days ago, however, ChrisB enlightened me with the somewhat stunning revelation that euwingui works just fine on Phix by using (a copy of) the standard OpenEuphoria definitions of E_ATOM and E_SEQUENCE, despite the fact that Phix has absolutely no comprehension whatsoever of either, all through the magic of euconvertinc.e/euconvert.dll - it does mean that all parameters and return values are shunted through strings/value(), but it definitely works.

There would doubtlessly be other issues, but I hope it is worth considering a similar mechanism (extended if/as needed with E_INTEGER and E_OBJECT) for this project.


For reference, this thread covers the original inception of euconvert:

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