Original date:2016-12-22 12:11:19 Edited by: ChrisB Subject: IDE for win32lib 0.70.4 and eu 4.xx


i have now added fixes for the block label bug on tabs. Note this will not fix previously created projects, you should edit the label color manually (either on the properties sheet, or directly in the code). I have added it to RDS' site. When runnung a program, make sure you have an eu.cfg, pointing to the location of your win32lib in the program you create's folder.

I added this into IDE_design, line 1205

    if equal(control[Class], "LText") and not equal(whoIs[2], "TabItem") then 
        --add a color property for labels 
        --puts(1, "LText added ") 
        --this adds the background colour of the label, to the same as the 
        --window colour - note this is a little different to th COLOR_WINDOW 
        --for some reason. If you are dropping a label on a tab, then handle this a  
        --little differently 
        control[BkColor] = getSysColor( COLOR_BTNFACE ) 
    end if 
    if equal(control[Class], "LText") and equal(whoIs[2], "TabItem") then 
        control[BkColor] = getSysColor( COLOR_WINDOW ) 
    end if 

I seem to remember some drop down combos having similar issues, so I will look at that in due course if that bug reappears.



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