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ChrisB said...

Could I have a login for the Phix forum.

To be honest I can't even remember how to do that, and there's not an awful lot of point.
There have been three postings in the last year, of which 2 were mine, and I'm thinking of ditching my is-great account anyway.
On the bright side, I don't think there is a problem posting Phix-related questions here.

ChrisB said...

The eu4 std/includes needs equivalent translating for the Phix builtins. For instance std/mathe.e does not have an equivalent on Phix.

That will have to be demand-driven.
There is a new 0.7.1 release imminent.
Ignoring builtins, the following routines in that specific file should be covered:
abs sign max min mod trunc ceil round arccos arcsin log10 exp sum or_all gcd
(though I have just discovered that exp is not documented)

The following are not:
ensure_in_range ensure_in_list frac intdiv atan2 rad2deg deg2rad cosh sinh tanh arcsinh arccosh arctanh product shift_bits rotate_bits approx powof2 is_even is_even_obj

I don't think that particular file causes Phix any grief, though I have just sanitised it a little bit more for the imminent release.
If there are any problems, let me know which are the most vital.

ChrisB said...

How do you delete_file in Phix. Is in st/filesys.e in eu 4.

It's been added in 0.7.1 (which will be released real soon, and for once I really mean that.)

ChrisB said...

The reason for putting time into Phix for me now is to get win32lib's IDE 1.04 working

Just so you know, I have no plans for a 64-bit version of win32lib, ever. All my GUI efforts are going to be IUP-related from now on.


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