Original date:2016-09-23 19:36:48 Edited by: jimcbrown Subject: Re: IPC and Shared Memory blocks

petelomax said...
jimcbrown said...

Alas, I developed a nix-only solution for Euphoria over a decade and a half ago. It would actually be really simple though to port it to Windoze under Eu 4.x (if someone could find the interest).

Just being curious, are you talking of pipeio?

No, I was refering to my FakeThreads libraries:

It had three versions - a version using nix shared memory, a version using unix domain (file) sockets, and a version using TCP/IP. Back there Eu had no socket support so I had also wrapped a nix specific socket library.

But the last one should be easy to rewrite to use Eu4's sockets.

katsmeow said...

But pipeio is not fully bidirectional?

Actually, it is. The child process can read commands from stdin, and write commands to stdout. The parent process will have special file descriptors/handles to perform the other side of this communication.

I am not sure about the Windoze implementation, but on nix it's quite trivial to make it non-blocking.

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