Original date:2016-09-15 19:58:16 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Trying Phix

ryanj said...

Would you mind explaining what the significance of Phix is, and how it compares to OpenEuphoria?


To that I would add native threads and that Phix self-hosts on Linux, though not much else works there yet. Two other things I know are missing are regular expressions and sockets.

ryanj said...

And how does it build/compile itself compared to how OpenEuphoria binds/translates?

Phix is self hosted, no other tools required. All done in 15 seconds or less - just run "p -c p", or "./phix -c p" on Linux.

ryanj said...

What are your future plans for Phix?

Just today, I got my first ever pure-Phix dll working, in preparation for getting .so to run properly on Linux (whether pure-Phix or not), and getting more things working on Linux is top of the list (or should be, I keep on finding excuses to do more Windows stuff, like creating dlls, porting Edita to pGUI/IUP, or yet more rosettacode entries).


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