Original date:2016-08-27 12:51:49 Edited by: jmduro Subject: Re: Unable to compile Eu programs

It's amazing! The line I refered to is located in a multi-line comment so it is should not be executed, but when I launch alarm.exw, /home/pete/phix appears in ex.err and I did not find another place where /home/pete is declared:

/home/pete/phix/pglobals.e:-1 in procedure set_rootpath() 
index 0 out of bounds, reading sequence length 4 
    cl = {"phix","phix","alarm.exw"} 
    j = 0 
... called from /home/pete/phix/pglobals.e:110 
... called from /home/pete/phix/p.exw:166 
Global & Local Variables 
    init2 = 1 
    inf = inf 
    nan = nan 
    hexchar = "0123456789ABCDEFabcdef" 
    bases = {10,16,8,2} 
    kernel32 = <novalue> 
    buffer = <novalue> 
    xGetLongPathName = <novalue> 
    gppinit = 0 


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