Original date:2016-08-11 15:48:58 Edited by: ne1uno Subject: Re: Error When Compiling with EUC

euphoric said...
ne1uno said...
euphoric said...

I'm getting the following error when trying to compile a program. []

too much different version compiler built eu,a causing a linking error? might have to rebuild euphoria with the same compiler

are you building a 32bit program with a 64 bit euphoria in the path?

I'm not sure. I'll check! Thank you.

Follow-up: My version of euc is 4.1.0 development, 32-bit Windows. Running Windows 10 on this PC.

I don't know what else to check to answer your question.

you may be able to build just the library. assuming you have the source dir. hg clone and update or grab the zip of a similar version. configure may want to know the path to hg if it can't find it.

make library 
then copy eu.a to the bin dir of euphoria

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