Original date:2016-07-26 11:45:56 Edited by: mollusk Subject: A quick and easy bash script to get Euphoria

I try out a lot of Linux distros and sometimes I find myself staying there awhile. The problem is, the only distro I have seen with Euphoria in the repos is Arch Linux..and that's just the user repository. For a couple of years now I have been using Void Linux and they of course don't have Euphoria at I made a script.

features of the script:

  • Make downloading and installing Euphoria easy
  • Allow users to specify a version (a simple variable for now)
  • Easy to maintain for future adjustment
  • install/remove Euphoria and clean the downloaded /tmp files
  • Minimal dependencies - curl - which can be changed by the user

That's pretty much it, I talk about it as if it's a big deal but really it's just to automate the process of installing and removing euphoria on any system I use.

In the future I want to add automatic architecture detection so all you have to do is change x86 to arm in the arch variable.

If anyone finds a use for this, it will make me happy. In either case, it's here on the internet now for people to discover.

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