Original date:2016-07-17 01:10:31 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: RedyCode 0.9.3

I fixed some problems in the 0.9.4 branch. Path detection should now work correctly when RedyCode is moved to a different folder. Paths relative to the Redy folder tree are re-detected, yet manually-set external paths are preserved.

In other words, default paths act as relative paths, so you can move RedyCode to a different location (or put it on a flash drive). But if you set paths to outside locations, such as C:\euphoria\include, it will preserve it even if you move redy to a different location. If any path becomes invalid, an error message will be displayed and the Preferences dialog will show automatically, so you can fix the invalid path.

I also fixed a bug in find/replace, where the first match was skipped when searching from the top.

I'll test for a few more days before making it official. Next on the todo list: get undo working!

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