Original date:2016-07-11 15:03:43 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: RedyCode 0.9.2 released

Mike777b said...

I'm not sure what you are saying I should do. I didn't modify anything after unzipping redycode, bindredy.bat gave me the error. Are you saying I should wait until the next release? If so, I'm perfectly willing to do so. If not, then let me know the alternative.

Oh, i see.

It looks like the same error caused when the bat file is somehow using eu 4.0.5 because of environmental variables on a eu.cfg file overriding the paramaters in the bat file command, which should look like this:

.\euphoria\bin\eubind.exe ".\projects\RedyCode\source\RedyCode.exw" -icon ".\redy_icon.ico" -i ".\euphoria\include" -eudir ".\euphoria"

I added -eudir because an installation of eu4.0.5 defines the eudir environmental variable, which breaks my bat file. Apparently, there is another special case i haven't accounted for. Maybe i have to do more hacking with a eu.cfg file. (Euphoria Dev Team, why is euphoria configuration so complicated!?)

Sorry Mike777b, i'll try to find a solution for the next version.

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