Original date:2016-07-01 08:19:06 Edited by: ChrisB Subject: Re: RedyCode 0.9.2 released

Hi Ryan

had a quick project in mind, thought I'd give Redy a go.

When you start Redy, you don't get a default bare minimum app, ready to add widgets and procedures and functions, you get Redypad.

There should be more example programs, though in all fairness this is something I / we can all help with - win32 lib demos equivalency if you like.

There should be a run button on the button bar, to quickly run a program (its so much trouble pressing appliction / run, makes me want to give up! (joke))

A nice feature to have would be to group user created includes in the source tree, which would make organising larger programs more logical in some cases - ie have an 'interface' main program, with user created / optional includes in the tree for quick access / open in tabs as needed.

You may consider adding default widget adds - ie, I want a button, so I'll select it from the 'widget list' and the code for a button is generated and placed in the editor, which I can then edit / modify etc. Or I want a listbox....etc.

Oh, and I still want eu4.05 compatability.



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