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Here is a proposal for updating the intro text on the home page.

  • I'd like to bundle Euphoria, OpenEuphoria, Phix, (where is Orac?) together to emphasize that there is a lot going on and that OE is not just an isolated language
  • What alternatives are there to Friendly..Flexible..Fast ?
  • What is the best level of optimism and objectivity in describing OE?
  • Can you come up with something completely different?


describes the Euphoria, OpenEuphoria, and Phix family of programming languages. There are thousands of other programming languages, and you may have a dozen favorites, but only Euphoria will lift your spirits.

Euphoria is Friendly.
If you value simple syntax, prefer words to abstract symbols, write freeform code layouts, dislike learning more than a few rules, and insist on predictability then you will enjoy Euphoria's friendliness. Euphoria only needs three data-types, atom, sequence, and object, a simplification which makes the language small and generic. In a friendly language many routines work equally well on numbers as they do on strings--no extras to learn. A friendly language is easier to learn, easier to read, and more fun to program in.

WEE is the "Windows Euphoria Editor." WEE is a small IDE that is multi-platform and written in Euphoria. You get an editor that colorizes your code and provides help on the Euphoria language. WEE makes writing, interpreting, and compiling Euphoria programs simple.

Euphoria is Flexible.
Use the Interpreter to quickly develop programs; the Euphoria Interpreter makes write and execute cycle quick and practical for incremental code development. Use the Compiler to distribute applications; the Euphoria Compiler launches a seamless translator and C compiler sequence that easily produces compiled applications for distribution. Euphoria gives you the flexibility to choose between interpreting and compiling.

Euphoria is Fast.
Most common languages just can't keep up with Euphoria's performance. Fast saves time when developing progams, and you wait less for them to execute. Euphoria provides garbage collection and extensive runtime checks and still delivers speed. Euphoria programs become even faster after compiling. We provide benchmark programs for you to test on your own computer; you will be surprised by Euphoria.

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