Original date:2016-06-02 11:00:01 Edited by: ne1uno Subject: Re: Eu->dll on Windows, can't get it to work

AndySerpa said...

Just to repeat, although I did get a simple function that passes an integer back and forth to work, it will also crash without passing (or returning) any parameters at all depending on what it did, or that same function that was working will fail just by adding a print statement.

e.g. the function

function simpletest(integer x) 
return x+1 
end function 

works. But this crashes:

function simpletest(integer x) 
? x 
return x+1 
end function 

So the problem seems larger than Euphoria data types.

the return value might be an E_TYPE as well? do you get any better results with a procedure instead of a function. I seem to recall reading somewhere that all calls were functions in the actual calling code but maybe discards the results.

I can't get a dll built in 4.x or 4.1x that doesn't mangle the function names with gcc all of them giving me the silent exit treatment.

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