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[quote _tom] [quote andi49] [quote _tom] == Going from Ruby to Euphoria involves learning to think simpler.




You have never ever used ruby or even tried it!?

I'am correct?

Andreas [/quote]

I have tried it. I can not program in Ruby. But, I do not claim to be able to program in Euphoria either.

Are any of my observations incorrect? [/quote]

There are some points where you are not correct/accurate.
(function(ignoring results) vs. def)
(puts vs. puts)

This also works in Ruby, go to and try a few reloads. Same as the OpenEuphoria Homepage.

is not same as

I can go there for every line you wrote.

You can't compare things that are not comparable, this sheds a bad light on OpenEuphoria (if an Ruby Programer reads this)

OpenEuphoria has a lot of good points. But trying to make an other Language look worse is not the way to go.

My point of view.


# Das ber?hmte Hallo-Welt- 
# Programm ist trivial in 
# Ruby. ?berfl?ssig sind: 
# * eine "main"-Methode 
# * Newline-Zeichen 
# * Semikolons 
# Hier ist der Code: 
puts "Hallo Welt!" 

Matsumoto said...

From wikipedia

Matsumoto defined it this way in an interview:[60]

Everyone has an individual background. Someone may come from Python, someone else may come from Perl, and they may be surprised by different aspects of the language. Then they come up to me and say, 'I was surprised by this feature of the language, so Ruby violates the principle of least surprise.' Wait. Wait. The principle of least surprise is not for you only. The principle of least surprise means principle of least my surprise. And it means the principle of least surprise after you learn Ruby very well. For example, I was a C++ programmer before I started designing Ruby. I programmed in C++ exclusively for two or three years. And after two years of C++ programming, it still surprises me.

Now to quote myself from another thread

tom said...

In "Ruby thinking" there is a tendency to invent a new convenient rule for every situation. If your mind works like that of Matsumoto, then these "rules" effectively do not exist and you become a fan of Ruby. If you study how Ruby is put together you will find lots of inconsistencies, but if you think in Ruby then these inconsistencies are why you use Ruby.

In "Euphoria thinking" there are just a few rules that work the same all the time. The "charm" of Euphoria is that you don't have to put lots of ideas into your head, and when everything works the same, all the time, you reduce "congnitive load" and your brain feels better.

tom said...

Going from Ruby to Euphoria involves learning to think simpler.

Tossing out understanding how OOP works is a big simplification.

I am constantly trying to invent some marketing jargon such as "learning to think simpler." I welcome comments.



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