Original date:2016-05-27 15:54:47 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: RedyCode 0.9.0 officially released!

ne1uno said...

packaging up euphoria vrs installing it first. pros and cons either way. hardcoding redylib09 version number in all the includes seems like overkill too OTOH, it will make lib mismatches less likely and with a global find/replace, not that difficult to change. though, users may balk at the idea.

I hard-coded the version numbers because it makes it very clear what version of redylib is used, and different versions of redylib can co-exist. When version 9.0.1 comes out, it will still be redylib_9_0 and be compatible, but when version 1.0 comes out, you will have to intentionally switch your includes to redylib_1_0 and possibly make other changes to your app to upgrade it to 1.0, because a different version means changes in APIs may break your application.

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