Original date:2016-05-21 05:11:14 Edited by: ne1uno Subject: Re: Problem with Ver 4.1

DonCole said...

I get 'sprint' has been declared more than once.


Both I downloaded from the file.

Don Cole

Euphoria/include/are the 3.x compatibility includes

you really shouldn't mix those with the ones in Euphoria/include/std, though you can get around it here and there (not recomended) you can add namespace qualifiers for the 4.1 stdlib routines that are reusing the same name in different files if that happens


which may not work for your program mixing in the 3.x includes, depending on how many other conflicts there are in the names.

It's too bad euphoria can't suggest which includes you need for a given program. you pretty much have to add and remove includes till there are no more errors.

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