Original date:2016-05-20 15:59:43 Edited by: mollusk Subject: Re: New and having problems

I must have been using an old archive of WEE previously as the github version works fine. As for Ruby code, I wrote the same application in Ruby that I am trying to write in Euphoria which you can find at

Now onto IRC, I have a feeling there is already an IRC channel (I mean there has to be right?) but since such a thing is not listed anywhere on this website or anywhere I can see on google, I decided to create one on freenode.

If anyone has a problem with this I will remove it but otherwise I will be happy to give OP rights to the main devs and help maintain the channel.

You can find the channel at: #open-euphoria (openeuphoria was apparently owned by 'useless' with no members)

Again, if this is a problem please kindly let me know. Maybe we will see each other there?

EDIT: I realize that the forum is where some people would prefer to communicate but I feel that every community needs a "instant engagement medium" to hopefully provide answers to questions in a more timely manner. As you already know this is especially good for newbies. Additionally, we have all hung out in IRC channels and with the right community they can be quite fun. :)

EDIT2: Doing another google search I found a forum post I somehow missed about a IRC channel on Undernet. Does this get used at all? If not or if it is no longer available I will keep this new one up. I have never heard of Undernet before but freenode has been the known spot for open source project for quite some time so I figure it's probably a better place to be anyway.

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