Original date:2016-05-03 19:20:20 Edited by: ryanj Subject: RedyPad TextEditor

I decided to release a preview of the generic text editor i have been working on called RedyPad. The text editor library has MANY improvements and bug fixes compared to the one in the last version of RedyCode. I haven't released the source code yet, but it will be included with the next RedyCode release. Actually, the next version of RedyCode will be rewritten based on RedyPad's source.

  • Opening multiple files at the same time in tabs
  • Syntax highlighting (currently for Euphoria source only)
  • Smart indentation when pressing Enter on an indented line
  • Indent/unindent selected lines (Tab/Shift+Tab)
  • Word Wrap
  • Customizeable toolbars
  • Remembers window positions
  • Portable (no installation needed, just make sure RedyPad is able to write to the folder it is in, so it can save to a config file).

This is a preview version, i'm sure there are still bugs, so don't try to edit important files without a backup copy!

You may download the exe here:

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