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ryanj said...
Spock said...

.. I generally break up the task into these common discrete phases:

1 Load data into a form for viewing
2 Check/augment the data
3 Output the data to destination

It seems to me that it could be useful to have textboxes that can automatically format data to reduce the amount of logic code needed, or pop up an error when you click OK if data is invalid, and explain why it is invalid. I wrote some code that does this, and i was thinking about how to integrate it into Redy's GUI.

Are you thinking of something along the lines of RegEx? I use this a lot when importing data from text files. For me it is less important to have automatic formating in text boxes since we try to avoid manual input as much as possible. My work has largely been to automate bulk data transfers/conversions and manual updating of data is permitted only when deemed necessary.

We generally deal with long lists of data or transactions in a ListView. I used to display error messages in a message box but for the volumes of data we deal with I found it more practical to add an additional column to the ListView and use that for error messages.

ryanj said...
Spock said...

..Only one icon is associated with the control. When the button state changes a new image is made, based on that one icon. I don't [want] to manually create a set of images beforehand to reflect the different button states.


I agree with this. .. The problem i am running in to is i haven't wrapped enough API to load common image formats (besides bmp), scale images, fade them to grey, or use transparency. Then, there is the problem of putting together a collection of good icons. Definitely a lot of work.

Too true. My graphics library will probably do all of this but it was put together in an adhoc way and uses a lot of ASM (and fasm.dll) which may or may not suit the genericity of Redy. The icons I use in my programs come from a bitmap kept in the include folder which is embedded into an include file (icons.e). Whenever a program is run through Orac that folder is first checked to see if the bitmap has been updated since last compile. If it has Orac will recreate icons.e which is then incorporated into the current program. This works well for me but the whole system does have a lot of inter-dependencies.


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