Original date:2016-01-10 20:09:23 Edited by: ryanj Subject: RedyCode IDE Alpha Release!

Well, here it is. The very first useable version of RedyCode Integrated Development Environment! You can now create projects, edit files with syntax highlighting, save them, and run them! As with any alpha version, there are incomplete features and known bugs. However, it is possible to use it to create Redy-based programs now. You can download it here:

Some installation/usage tips for this release:

  • You need Euphoria 4.1.0-32 bit installed, preferably at C:\euphoria so that the scanner can find it.
  • To run a exw file, double-click it in the source tree, or find a list of possible files to run in the Application menu.
  • When RedyCode runs exw files, it uses ShellExecute() to call euiw.exe with the appropriate -I paths and sets the current working directory to the current projectname/source/ folder (the folder that the exw is in). Keep this in mind when accessing config, image, or data files.
  • If your project app has an error, the ex.err file should appear in the source tree so you can open it for viewing. In a future release, you will be able to navigate to the error in your program.
  • If you want to see the project files in Explorer, click the Project menu, then Explore Project Folder. When focus changes back to RedyCode's main window, the project tree will refresh automatically.
  • When you open a source file that is outside the project folder (such as the stdlib or redylib folders), it will open as Read Only so that you won't accidentally mess up your include files. Normally, you open these files just to look up routines to call.
  • A modified file will show a red flag on it's tab. A read only file will show a blue flag.
  • If you open too many files, the tabs will run off the screen. I need to work on multi-row tabs. If you can't get to a file you need, you can click on it in the source tree instead.
  • Key combos and controls work, such as clipboard (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V), Select all (Ctrl+A), navigation (arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+End) and selection (Shift) while navigating.
  • Tabs are dumb. For now, Tab key just converts to 4 spaces.
  • The editor itself seems to be stable, but has a few annoying issues and is slow when scrolling or selecting text.
  • The Run button, Save As, Preferences, Build, and a few other things are currently inoperative.
  • RedyCode will remember it's window position, however it can't remember when the window is maximized. That is a shortcoming in my redylib win32 wrapper. Multi-monitor support doesn't work yet, either.

Now i will begin adding more features for the next release. Enjoy!

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