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ChrisB said...


Not a complaint, an observation

euiup requires eui 4.1 development (the version included in the test setup. I have 4.05, and installing the euiup test setup into that, and various flavours of iup dlls into various places , caused the test programs to stop at iupshow() (interestingly alrm.ex, which doesn't use iupshow(). More testinga and swapping, and overwriting includes, bins and dlls proved that it's eui 4.05 that will not run with the iup dlls, but 4.1 will.

Still need that initial version check before a program will run

if version is <= 4.1.0 then stop and display message disable me to run without error checking.




I put togheter a 'proof of concept'.
I called it 'EuPortable', it is a possible replacement for the Iup testsetup
With the modular setup you can quickly create a setup, delete it and create a new setup.
It's still just a concept. Everything is 32bit and Windows only.

I have uploaded a couple of files to test: Euphoria 4.0.6 basesystem Euphoria 4.1.0 basesystem Files and editor for Iup Files for the Wee Editor Files for EuGtk Files for Win32lib and tinewg Files for wxWidgets 0.16

Choose an basesystem, Eu40 or Eu41 and an IDE (Editor) and a Toolkit (iup,win32...). TEE (editor) comes with Iup and WEE has his own pack.

Unzip them to the same folder (EuPortable). Start an Editor (editor.bat or wee.bat) load a program from the 'demo" folder and just run it. All examples are below the 'demo' folder.


Download and extract them to the same folder and you have the Iup testsetup again.
Iup seems to work with both Eu4.1 and Eu4.0.


It is intended that you load and run the examples (or your own programs) from an editor (tee or wee).
ed.ex or edx.ex are not supported.
I have NOT tested each and every example program that comes with the toolkits.
The Euphoria binaries are patched to have a default include folder without the need for an eu.cfg in every folder. (This saves me a lot of time during testing.)
They are also compiled with a different manifest.xml, with compatibility schemas up to Win10.
The gtk3 setup needs a lot of work on setting up the gtk3 dll's and providing new versions of these dll's. I do not really have a glue about gtk.
Also about 60-70% of the examples work out of the box.


edit: I have added a

sdl_mixer does not work like expected.
hexy.exw has no sound.
Slideshow(ChrisB) only works with Eu4.1
threads2.exw crashes silently.
I need some help here.

Everything else works with Eu4.0.6 and Eu 4.1

SDL 1.2.x seems to be outdated.

I do not know where to get the current wrapper.
I do not know where to get the cureent dll's.
Help is needed.


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