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_tom said...

How do you like using IUP? I'm having slow progress getting more examples to work.

I have been having moderate success, with both the Jeremy Cowgar and Gregory Haberek versions.

Note: I am working on Phix, and both needed fairly extensive mangling, see demo\tee\phixmods.txt for some rough/personal notes to get the idea, which you can find at

Out of the box, the Jeremy Cowgar version (demo\pIUP) proved a little easier (for me/Phix), and I used that to update the help and integrate iup.chm with Edita, but after a certain point the limitations started to show (eg no IupConfig or IupSetInt). Moving to the Gregory Haberek version (demo\tee) was then no big deal.

I got sample.exw to work, there's also a list1.c which seems fine (once renamed, as sample2.exw) and I also translated simple_notepad.exw (see demo\tee).

What I've been doing with the help files is slowly adding an index to iup.chm (you can find this in docs\iup-3.16_Docs, but I'll move it sometime): I simply extracted the existing files and wrote docs\iup-3.16_Docs\makeiup.exw (needs hhc.exe) to read index.txt and rebuild/write demo\edita\help\IUP.txt to match. I would agree that is not an ideal long term solution, but at least it is easy enough for me to do quickly.

Anyway, it might not work as-is (does OE support "{} = f()"? If not removing the "{} = " should be fine), but feel free to take copies of sample.exw and simple_notepad.exw and see how that goes.

Right now I've moved back to 64-bit stuff.


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