Original date:2015-11-10 18:18:30 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: RedyCode alpha almost ready!

Update: The config file works now. When you close the program, it remembers the main window's last position. Also, there is a Preferences dialog that can write to the config file.

Projects can now be loaded by opening a .redy file. The source tree is build based on the project properties.

If you click on a Project tree node, it will show a Project Properties dialog. (Not fully working yet).

By the way, this is a good example of what a window can look like, using Redy's automatic widget layout. As you can see, the boxes like up even though the labels are different widths. The multi-line textbox can have the label above, but in this case, it is set to show on the side. Textboxes can have special buttons to edit text using another window (not working yet). Widgets can be aligned in different ways, such as the buttons in this window being placed to the right. Widgets can be set to be equal width with other widgets in the same container, such as the buttons in this window. Notice this is a resizable window, so all widgets arrange according to the size of the window.

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