Original date:2015-11-08 15:54:42 Edited by: SDPringle Subject: Re: Euphoria's inconsistent typing

I have been using the February version included with JM DURO's AIO installer. Euphoria's toolkit contains also a "shrouder", and another backend written in EUPHORIA. I doubt these are 100% correct considering they are not part of the Unit testing. Then consider eudis, which we don't have tests for either.

A declarative typing system like what is available in C + + that can work along with the runtime typing system would improve code quality. The lack of C like structures, but not memstructs, would also improve quality of the project itself. If you want to improve start with these.

Structures do not have to be poking and peeking memory but be aliases for numeric indexing for example:

structure rgb 
    integer red 
    integer green 
    integer blue 
end structure 
rgb fgcolor = {0,0,0} = #FE -- means fgcolor[1] = #FE = #3B -- means fgcolor[2] = #38 = #60 
sequence s = {0,0,0} 
s[1] = 0 -- okay = 0 -- error (must declare s as rgb) 

And yes, function definitions ought to have obligatory types.

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